We know what matters to you...

We are an upcoming housing development company, based in Gandhinagar striving to be your uniquely qualified builder. We want to create designer homes that consistently achieve a scale and definition that is both elegant and comfortable for our customers.

Raising Ambition

Nildip Associates motto is to create unique homes with excellent acrchitecture and elegant architecture. Because of our architectural excellence, beauty and styling, Nildip Associates properties value appreciates faster and leads to better wealth accumulation for our customers.

Our Practice

We operate out of three locations; Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Mehsana. Our projects are mostly residential and Commercial, although we have done a few Hotel, Resort, Clubhouse, Banquette, Cottage & etc. like tourism related jobs. Nilesh takes care of the office and keeps Associates on track, Nildip associates takes care of the Designs and works with the Clients.

Nilesh works directly with all clients. He involves others as needed to help with the work, but maintains the primary roll in all projects. He's licensed in Gandhinagar, Mehsana and Ahmedabad, has better than 50 completed projects and also Registered With COA, Delhi. We're extremely progressive in our use of the computer as an efficiency tool.

As you'll find in the website, we model every project in the computer to thoroughly investigate the design prior to sending it out to the site. We're also able to send virtual buildings out to others to study, incorporate systems and test for efficiencys (something that's just become possible). Working this way greatly enhances the abilities of our small firm and assures we're delivering top shelf service and designs. We're small but very capable which is the best of both worlds for our clientele.