Our Policy and Fee Structure


Because Ar. Nilesh handles most aspects of all projects himself and personally overseas the work of any consultants who may be involved, it is especially important that project scheduling be worked out in advance and that every effort be made to maintain the schedule once established. Several projects in various stages of completion will typically be active in the office at all times, such that unexpected delays in the progress of any one will likely disrupt all the others.

Experience in recent years indicates that from the time a client makes an initial inquiry until the beginning of construction on a typically full services project, as much as six or eight months (or more) may be required, so it is best to plan accordingly and begin the process early.

Professional Fee:

*Professional fee and other charges in accordance with scale of charges are as follows:

Schedule of Payment:

Retainer 5 % of the total fees payable
Concept design 10 % of the total fees payable
Preliminary design and drawings 20 % of the total fees payable
Drawings for client / statutory approvals 35 % of the total fees payable
Working drawings and tender documents 45 % of the total fees payable
Appointment of contractors 55 % of the total fees payable
Construction 65 to 90 % of the total fees payable
Completion 100 % of the total fees payable

Reimbursable Expenses:

* Actual cost of travel (to & fro), boarding & lodging and local transport for any visit made by nildip staff to the site or such other places as may be necessary in connection with the execution of work.

* Cost of presentation models & 3D, computer simulation, presentation drawings, etc. prepared at the instance of the client for purposes other than the design and execution of the project.

* The fees of land surveyors, lighting or acoustical consultant, plumbing consultant, if any and if contracted through nildip associates, will also be invoiced to the client at cost plus 10%.


In case of any ambiguity or difficulty in the interpretation of the condition of engagement and scale of charges, the interpretation of the council of architecture, new delhi shall be final and binding on nildip associates and the client.


Let us know if you’d like references, we’re happy to furnish them on request.

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Many thanks for your interest in working with us. The above information is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions about architectural services in general and our practice in particular. Let us know if anything remains under and donӴ hesitate to ask about anything not addressed here but important to you.